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These garments are to help you reshape from your belly button down.

If your looking to reduce your waist size, flatten your tummy,

Lift your bottom, slim your thighs we have a garment suitable for you.

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    POSTPARTUM GIRDLE £74.99 (GBP) incl tax £34.99 (GBP) incl tax

    A Postpartum Girdle, can help you regain your Pre pregancy shape, when worn after giving birth, it has two adjustable velcro straps on the side to enable you to make the garment smaller. A Postpartum Girdle can also be worn If you have a low hanging tummy as your able to have the excess tissue held higher this will then encourage your body to burn the excess body fat. If you have had a Hysterectomy, its a very good garment to wear as it gives you the support you need from underneath. If you have Fibroids due to the excess volume of fluid etc and the bulging tummy can help support your Uterus etc. For some women who swell a lot during their monthly cycle as this garment has adjustable side straps. This garment has can be worn under most clothing. Colours Available Black Sizes 1 fits a UK size 10 -12 2 fits a UK size 14 -16 3 fits a UK size 18 -20
    1 products found

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