Girdles & Lower Body

These garments are to help you reshape from your belly button down.

If your looking to reduce your waist size, flatten your tummy,

Lift your bottom, slim your thighs we have a garment suitable for you.

  • Girdles & Lower Body

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    Picture of CORSET DELUXE

    CORSET DELUXE £89.99 (GBP) incl tax £79.99 (GBP) incl tax

    Corset Deluxe Style 30 This is the top section of the Body Magic if you dont need to reshape your lower half of your body, Or you want to wear trouses this could be the garment for you. With a higher back than our corset it gives you the change to also burn some back fat. Helps with spinal alignement.

    SPECIAL OFFER CORSET GOLDEN WHITE £75.99 (GBP) incl tax £54.99 (GBP) incl tax

    Ardyss design 29. Waist Reshaping Corset, as your waistling reduces you can move over the hooks as it has three front row of hooks. Also helps to bring in the ribcage reducing your Thorax width. Will not roll down or up. Can be worn daily.
    2 products found

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